•  Dear students and parents,

    The IB released its latest update regarding the May 2020 exam session this morning (3/27/2020).

    In short, no exams will be given and in place all students' Internal Assessments (IAs) will be submitted to the IB by April 20th. The IB will then grade the IAs and award course grades based on the student's internal assessments, as well as other comparative data done by the IB.

    It is imperative that students turn in any missing IAs by the deadlines set by their teachers. Students who do not submit their IAs will receive an N and will not earn any course credit from IB for that subject. 

    You may read the IB's FAQ update via: https://www.ibo.org/news/news-about-the-ib/covid-19-coronavirus-updates/

    The IB is aware that this is an unprecedented situation and is working diligently to ensure a fair process for students.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    David Walker 
    Diploma Programme Coordinator


    Dear Reagan families,
    This email contains an update about online learning and grading.   
    At this time, our district is closed indefinitely per Governor Evers.  Hence, no one should be working during the school closure in MPS unless contacted by their supervisor.
    With this in mind, the marking period after March 13th is closed until further notice from MPS.  It is completely appropriate for a teacher to allow for a student to resubmit evidence that occurred prior to March 13th. 
    During the closure, teachers are not required to post online work.   However, this does not prevent a school from providing virtual instructional to students.  During this unprecedented time, I ask all of us to continue to do all that you can to serve Reagan students.  It has never been more important to provide enrichment opportunities for students online during this outage.  However, these remote educational opportunities must be practice and should not be entered into IC Gradebook as evidence.
    Please continue practicing self-care and caring for your loved ones.
    Principal Mike Roemer


     Big thanks to everyone who supported our musical this year!



    This is the eighth year that Ronald Reagan High School has won national recognition in education.



    ACT Scores – Classes of 2018 & 2019


    2018             English   Math   Reading   Science   Composite

    Reagan HS     21.7       20.7       21.7          21.7          21.6

    State of WI     18.8       19.9       19.9          20.2          19.8


    2019             English   Math   Reading   Science   Composite

             Reagan HS     20.5      19.5        22.0          20.9          20.8          

    State of WI     18.5      19.5        20.1         19.9           19.6


    Understanding Your ACT Aspire Results” guide

    Interpretive Guide for Aspire Summative Reports

    Using your ACT WorkKeys Scores

    Reagan's 2019 DPI Report Card:  Download

    Our hallways have been buzzing with activity as students settle in for the 2019-2020 School Year. We are always delighted to reconnect with upperclassmen and meet those eager Freshmen. We’ve been fortunate to have volunteers step up to the plate already! Parents and community stakeholders make all the difference at our popular high school.  To learn about volunteer opportunities or activities within our parent meetings, reach out to our Parent Coordinator, Fiona Nicolaisen, at 414/304-6107 or nicolafa@milwaukee.k12.wi.us. We look forward to seeing you at Reagan!

    Come Join Our Team - School Engagement Council (SEC) If you are interested in having a say and helping with improvement of public school policies, curriculums, educational plan goals and student well-being, please join our School Engagement Council.  We have parent seats available, we meet one (1) time every month and we would like to have you on our team.  If you are interested in becoming a valuable part of our School Engagement Council (SEC), Please contact Fiona Nicolaisen at 414-304-6107.


     Final Evidence of Proficiency - Parent Letter

    Reagan's Daily Announcement (archive)

    MPS Mission Statement:  Milwaukee Public Schools is a diverse district that welcomes all students, preparing them for success in higher education, post-educational opportunities, work, and citizenship.


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