• We've had so many students walk through our doors since opening on 2003. Staying connected with all of them is a vital goal of our Alumni Association.


    We hosted our first alumni event in 2012 with a day long gathering at the South Shore Park Pavilion along Lake Michigan. A more recent event was hosted at Humboldt Park in 2017 where we bumped into alumni from every graduating class. More alumni events will be popping up as our Alumni Association gathers members, so stay in touch!


    2017 Alumni Association Board Members


    Maggie Holtgreive, Co-Chairperson

    Carrie Baker, Co-Chairperson

    Meghan King (2011)

    Shannon Pelczynski (2011)

    Jeremy Cain (2011)

    Kristen Leer (2016)

    Stacy Knitter (2011)

    Nathaly Salazar (2011)

    Allicia White (2008)