• The GED02 program is designed for students who have fallen behind in credits and want to graduate with their peers. The program provides each student with academic work to become proficient and pass state exams in the following areas:


    • English (2 Exams: Reading and Writing)
    • Mathematics
    • History
    • Science


    Students will need to earn credit for Health, Civics and Career Awareness. A portfolio demonstrating Career Readiness is also a requirement. The students will be required to be at school from {under construction} Tuesday through Friday. Regular school non-attendance days are non-attendance days for GEDO2.  


    Students may attend classes during the regular school day and will be required to do an independent study with Mr. Coyle to meet the Health, Civics and Career Awareness requirements. Classes can be taken to avoid taking the GED test in a particular area.


    Test registration is done in advance, and students must make the date and time scheduled. It is the responsibility of the student to get to the testing location. Attendance is required to be above an 80% rate and the rules of RWR still apply. 


    The student must be:

    1. Able to pass a reading test using a universal screener with a score of 219.
    2. At least 17 years of age or older
    3. At least one year behind their 9th grade class in credits earned
    4. At least in his/her 4th year of high school


    For questions about the program, please contact Mr. Sabbar at 304-6167