• The 2015-16 Humanities/History Department at Ronald Reagan High School consists of:


    Matt Wood (woodmj@milwaukee.k12.wi.us)



    Students take IB MYP Citizenship. First semester, students will learn about governmental systems, including both American government and worldwide examples of different types of governments.  Second semester, students will study both micro and macroeconomics.



    Student take IB MYP United States History. This course covers American history from the landing of the first settlements and the thirteen colonies up to the 1980’s. Students will use many primary and secondary sources and look at them critically.



    Students take IB DP Global History. The first semester focuses on the rise of single party states and how wars are fought as well as how they affect nations, economics, politics and society. The end of the first semester will consist of completing a practice historical investigation.  Second semester focuses entirely on the Cold War from 1945 up through 1991.



    Students take IB DP History of the Americas. Students study the Western Hemisphere from 1880-1980. Topics of study include: United States foreign policy in Latin America from 1880-1929; The Great Depression; WWI and WWII; politics and economics in Latin America, Canada and the United States after WWII and the Civil Rights Movement.



    Students may elect to take IB DP Geography in their senior year. Geography is a dynamic subject that is firmly grounded in the real world and focuses on the interactions between individuals, societies and the physical environment in both time and space. It seeks to identify trends and patterns in these interactions and examines the processes behind them. It also investigates the way that people adapt and respond to change and evaluates management strategies associated with such change. Geography describes and helps to explain the similarities and differences between spaces and places. Students must complete field work in the outdoors.


    Junior and Senior

    Students may elect to take IB P Psychology. This is a study of human behavior through the biological, cognitive and socio-cultural levels of analysis. The course also explores abnormal psychology and sport psychology. Students are required to replicate an experiment.



    The IB Internal Assessment for Group 3 Humanities (History):

    The Historical Investigation



    The Historical Investigation is the internal assessment required by IB for Group 3 Humanities. It is a research paper on any historical topic of the students choosing from ancient history up to more modern history; world history or local history. The only stipulation regards to their topic is that it must have occurred a minimum of ten years ago. The paper is broken up into six different sections:


    A.       Plan of Investigation

    B.       Summary of Evidence

    C.       Evaluation of Sources

    D.       Analysis

    E.       Conclusion

    F.       List of Sources


    The Plan of Investigation – This is the introduction to the paper. It contains the thesis and explains the methods the student uses in order to write the paper


    Summary of Evidence – This is the research the student has compiled and organized into well-written paragraphs that support their thesis. This is strictly factual and cited information.


    Evaluation of Sources – Students will choose the two most important sources for their research and write an OPVL for each of them. (O- Origin P- Purpose V- Values L-Limitations)


    Analysis – Students will analyze the information they found during their research to further explain why it supports/proves their thesis. They will also discuss why their particular topic is historically important. This section is where the student imparts his/her opinion on the topic.


    Conclusion – This is a brief summary of the information that was covered in the paper and shows how everything relates to and supports the original thesis.


    List of Sources – This is a bibliography page citing the sources used in the paper.


    Students practice the skills for writing a Historical Investigation their freshman and sophomore years. All juniors will write a Historical Investigation paper regardless of whether or not they are going into the Diploma Program. When students are seniors and have decide to do the Diploma Program they can choose to use the paper they wrote their junior year or to write an entirely new paper.