• Frequently Asked Questions


    When does the Admissions Process begin?

    Ronald W. Reagan College Preparatory High School is an Early Admissions school. We are NOT part of the 3 Choice Open Enrollment Process. Our admissions process begins in fall of the prior year.  If you are an 8th grade student, please refer to the Incoming Freshmen Admissions Process.  If your applying for a 10th, 11th or 12 grade seat, please refer to the Upperclassmen/Transfers Admissions Process.

    Can I tour the school?

    We host Open House events in the fall of each school year. Visit the Open House page for details. We also offer the opportunity for students who have been accepted through the Early Admissions process to shadow a few classes with another Reagan High School student. Visit our Shadowing page for more details.


    What is on the Early Admissions exam?

    The exam consists of an essay only. Students will have 60 minutes to write their essays. All MPS 8th-grade students will take the admission exam at their middle school. Non-MPS students will need to register for an Early Admission Test Session.


    Can I prepare for the exam?

    Be certain you get a good night’s sleep and eat a balanced meal before taking the exam. We also recommend that students arrive 30-45 minutes early if testing in a large group.


    What is the selection criteria?

    The Selection Criteria is available on the MPS website. Please visit the MPS Select Criteria Schools webpage.


    When are the admission decision letters mailed?

    These important letters are sent out by MPS Student Services in January. It is very important that you keep the school’s Admissions Office informed of any address/phone changes to ensure prompt delivery of your letter. Additional letters may be mailed throughout the year depending on seat availability.


    What clubs and teams do you host?

    Each year we host a wide variety of clubs to meet the interests of all students. Information regarding athletics can be obtained from our Athletic Director at 304-6254.

    Are there yellow school buses at Reagan?

    No, there is no yellow bus service to/from our high school. We do provide M-cards for Milwaukee County Transit System for students who live 2.1 miles away and in the City of Milwaukee. Visit our Transportation page for more details.


    What is IB?

    All students at Reagan High School participate in the International Baccalaureate program. This is a highly-recognized, rigorous, college preparatory program that encompasses all four years of learning at the high school level. We encourage you to visit the IB page or speak with our IB Coordinators.