• Transportation

    A map to Ronald Reagan High School can be viewed here.


    There is no standard yellow school bus service to Ronald W. Reagan High School. However, a Milwaukee County Transit System student bus pass is available for free to any student who lives 2.1 miles or more away from the campus and lives in the city of Milwaukee. Students receive an M-Card at the beginning of the school year. Replacement cards cost $20. 


    Ronald Reagan High School is located along the MCTS Route 19. Please feel free to visit the Milwaukee County Transit System website for more details. Additional buses are available at the end of the school day for faster service for students who live across town.


    Door to door bus service can be arranged by Reagan High School when required by an IEP. Contact the Main Office for more details at 414/304-6100.


    Ronald Reagan High School is located in a residential area. We ask that visitors respect our neighbors by observing all road signs when driving/parking near the school. The school’s parking lot is limited and open to staff only. A permit is required to park in the school parking lot.


    Handicap visitors are encouraged to call in advance to locate handicap accessible doors.