• About Reagan's IB Programmes

    The International Baccalaureate Organization was formed in 1968, and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. IB is in 144 countries and works with 3,500 schools worldwide. Schools must undergo a rigorous application process to become an IB World School and the implementation of the program is continually monitored by the IBO to ensure that their high standards and quality practices are being met. The mission of the IB is to create a better world through education by developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who possess an international mindset based on an understanding and respect of cultural differences.


    IB offers four programs for students aged 3-19:


    -         PYP: Primary Years Programme  (grades 3-5)

    -         MYP: Middle Years Programme (grades 6-10)

    -         DP: Diploma Programme (grades 11-12)

    -         IBCP: Career-related Programme  (grades 11-12)


    At Reagan IB all students participate in the IB Programme: 9th & 10th graders are in the MYP, and 11th & 12th graders are in the IB Full Diploma Programme, the IB Career-related Programme, or the IB Course/Certificate Programme.

    The Middle Years Programme (MYP) 


    All subjects in 9th and 10th grade at Reagan IB are considered part of the MYP. There are several important aspects to the MYP:


    The Learner Profile

    The IB Learner Profile is an integral part of the philosophy of the MYP. It states that all IB learners strive to be Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers (Courageous), Balanced, and Reflective.  These are the attributes we encourage in all of our students.


    The Personal Project                                                        

    The Personal Project is the independent creative project that students do in their sophomore year as a culmination of the MYP. In the MYP Design course (taken freshman year), students are introduced to the process of the Design Cycle, which is used to complete this project. Students’ progress is monitored during their sophomore Academic and Career Planning (ACP) Advisory, and by their chosen supervisor. Personal Projects are presented and assessed in March of sophomore year.


    The Unit Plan

    As part of the MYP, teachers organize their courses using the MYP Unit Planner. The Unit Plans are an ongoing work in progress as teachers continually reflect and revise through collaboration.



    The Diploma Programme (DP)


    The Diploma Programme encompasses the 11th and 12th grades. Courses are offered at either the Standard Level (SL) or the Higher Level (HL). The majority of our DP courses are two years in length. Students may choose to be an IB Course/Certificate candidate by taking IB exams only in subjects of their choosing, or they may choose to be an IB Full Diploma Candidate, meaning they take and test in 6 courses (3 HL and 3 SL), complete an Extended Essay (EE), take the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, and complete 150 community service hours (CAS).


    IB Examinations

    All IB exams occur in May of a student’s senior year. The schedule is dictated by the IBO, and the Reagan’s IB Coordinators organize the examination process according to strict IB regulations. 


    Internal Assessments (IAs)

    Each DP subject incorporates one or more Internal Assessments into the curriculum. The IAs are mandatory for all students participating in the course. A certain number of students from each course will be chosen by IB to have their IAs sent to an international location for further assessment (this is called moderation).


    The Extended Essay (EE)                                                                                

    This is a 4000 word essay that all Full Diploma Candidates do on a specific topic of their choosing. Work begins in the junior year and is completed senior year.


    TOK (Theory of Knowledge)                                                                

    TOK is a one year critical thinking course that teaches students how to analyze information, reflect on their thinking, and clearly articulate their positions. All Full Diploma students must take this course.


    CAS (Creativity, Action, Service)                     

    CAS is the community service requirement for all Full Diploma students. Students are required to volunteer 150 hours over the 2 year DP in the areas of creativity, action, and service.


    The Career-related Programme (CP)


    The Career-related Programme is an option for students interested in pursuing a more career-oriented path in their junior and senior year. As part of this program, students take a minimum of two DP courses, engage in 50 hours of community service, and complete all of the items listed below. We currently have two pathways for interested students to choose from: NAF Academy of Health Sciences OR Technology.

     Reagan CP Website

    Career-related Study

    Each CP student will spend at least 4 semesters in their career-related study. The CP Technology Pathway currently requires enrollment in CP Multimedia and Design, which is articulated through MATC. The CP NAF Academy of Health Sciences Pathway requires enrollment in CP Anatomy & Physiology 1 (Junior year) and DP Sports, Exercise and Health Science (Senior year). 


    Reflective Project

    The reflective project emphasizes the ethical dilemma associated with a particular issue drawn from the student’s career-related studies, including their coursework, community service, and/or internships. This Reflective Project is sent to the IB Organization in spring of senior year for official scoring.


    Language Portfolio

    Each CP student must keep a portfolio of Language Experiences that they are engaged in through their two years of enrollment in a Reagan World Languages course (Spanish or French), community and service experience, internships and/or self-study situations. It is required of all CP students to improve their language proficiency in a target language other than their mother tongue language.

    Personal and Professional Skills Course

    This class is taken during the junior year and senior year. It explores professionally and ethically based circumstances that will promote career related competencies.
    IB Examinations
    IB Exams are taken in May of the student's junior or senior year. All CP students are required to test in at least 2 subject areas of their choosing. For students in the CP NAF Academy of Health Science, it is suggested that students take the IB exam in DP Sports, Exercise and Health Science but it cannot count as 1 of their 2 exams.