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    Patty Town Road


    The hit song of the summer gets the Chicken Patty Treatment as all of MPS comes back to school. Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" was a record breaking album in the summer of 2019, and Chicken Patties have been breaking lunch records in Milwaukee Public Schools at least since 1985. Radio Reagan presents Patty Town Road. You can this video and all of the previous videos at TheHuskyHowler.com

    Motown Patty


    Back to school time and we start of the year RIGHT. The song is a parody of the 1991 Boyz II Men hit "Motown Philly." For the video (found on the Huskyhowler.com) Mr. Onorato reached out accross the distct and got some collaboration from Staff and Students at Golda Meir, as well as Milwaukee School Board Members. 





    End of the Lunch

    Saying goodbye to the class of 2019, Mr. Onorato parodies the classic Boyz II Men song End of the Road, to celebrate the last Chicken Patty Day of the year. 

    The Patties Sleep Tonight

    In preperation for the spring concert the Bass Clef Choir helpped Mr. Onorato create an Chicken Patty Song that would make The Tokens proud. See the Video Here

    The Taste of Patties 

    Last month the cold and snow forced MPS to change the lunch menus, and Sound of Chicken Patty Day fell Silent. In March it returns, and a new song comes with it. Enjoy the "Taste of Patties." This Song is a Parody of Simon & Garfunkle's Sound of Silence. See the Video on the Reagan IB Media Youtube Page.


    Little Shop of Patties

    To celebrate Chicken Patties, and to promote the upcoming musical, we bring you Little Shop of Patties. Come see the production of Little Shop of Horrors at Reagan on January 18th and 19th at 7pm and Sunday January 20th at 2pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students (with an ID) and $5 for children. Parents are strongly advised about the content of this show. Don't forget the Little Shop of Patties video. 

    Carol of the Patties

    Reagan's Chamber Choir, under the direction of Ms. Breitbarth, ring in the holiday season with there performance of Mr. Onorato's version of the classis "Carol of the Bells." You can ring in the holiday with the Carol of the Patties video

    Bohiemian Rhaps-Patty

    Chicken Patties get the Rock and Roll Royalty treatment in this parody of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Here is Mr. Onorato, with special guest Mr. Murphy and featuring Ms. Breitbarth in their Patty Song Debut. You can check out the Bohiemian Rhaps-Patty video.



    Thriller Patty

    In the spirit of Halloween, Mr. Onorato presents a parody of Micheal Jackson's Classic "Thriller." You can see the Thriller Patty video at the link. 



    I like it (Chicken Patty)

    Onorato celebrates Spirit Week with his verson of Cardi B's "I like it like that" in honor of his favorate lunch.  Check out the video.


    Teriyaki Dreams

    Junior Hayat recalles her version on Lucid Dreams to invoke the melincholy joy of Chicken Teriyaki  


    In My Belly (Chicky Are You Hungry)

    It is a new year, but Mr. O is up to his old Tricks. Based on "In My Fellings" by Drake, Mr. Onorato asks "Are you Hungry?" Because he's all about that patty. Check out the video.



    Little Patty

    In the last offical Chicken Patty day of the year Mr. Onorato presents his rendition of "Under the Sea" from Disney's Little Mermaid. Here is "Little Patty." (By the way, there may be a hint for next years musical.)  


    Walk it Like Mock Chicken

    The celebraton of Mock Chicken Leg today is to the tune of the Megos "Walk it like I talk it" and is the debut of Pop-Tart with Mr. Jones on the hook.  



    Mr. Jones brings Philly Cheese Steak new life to the une of 6ix9ine's Gummo. Here is Phillo by Mr. Jones. 


    Shape of Food

    Mr. Onorato Returns. This Chicken Patty day song, set to Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You," marks the 10th CPD Lunch song. 


    Weekend Lunch

    This lunch song celebrates the weekend and Hot Ham and Cheese sandwich sung by the duet of Ceria Mcglothian and Grace Figueroa to "the Weekend" by Sza.


    Rubbin on the Ranch

    Maikayla and Jones are back at it again with a hot track for Chicken Dippers. 


    Mini Corn Dogs My Way

    Sophomore Germaine Morris lets you in on how he likes his Mini Corndogs... Set to the tune of Fetty Wap's "My Way." he wants his Mini Corn Dogs My Way


    What's Up On The Menu

    Out IT guru makes his solo debut on the Lunch Song stage, Calzone Day never sounded so good. Here is Mr. Reed telling you What's Up on The Menu. 


    Country Jones

    Mr. Jones, in an effort to make a song of all genres of music, submits his country ballad about the Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. 


    Reagan's Lunch Plans

    Mr. Jones and Mr. Reed present their Soft Shell Taco song set to Drake's "God's Plan." Mr. Reed is the schools Technology Support Guru, we are glad to have him in the building and making lunch songs.  


    Eat Lunch (Chicken Patty Day)

    Mr. Jones and Maikayla drop the new Chicken Patty track. This marks the first time Mr. Jones has celebrated Chicken Patty Day. 


    Hakuna Teriyaki

    Mr. Jones and Mr. Onorato tell the kids about the school lunch that they look forward to for days. To the tune of the Lion King's Hakuna Matata written by Tim Rice and Elton John. 


    Hot Dog on Em

    Mr. Jones at it again with "Hot Dog on Em," based on iLoveMemphis' "Hit the Quan."


    Good Food

    Mr. Jones and Maikayla come with the Corn Dog hottness in thier rendition of T-Pain's song "I'm Sprung." 



    Mr. Jones kicks off Black History Month with his rendtion of Post Malone's Rockstar in honor of Mock Chicken Leg Day. 


    Blueberry Lunch Song

    Senior Kellen Sharp is back for 2018 with the Blueberry Lunch Song for Hot Dog Day, set to the Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang." 


    The Lunch That You Like

    Junior Aquaness Wilson says that the lunch that he likes is the Peperoni Calzone, based on TI's "Whatever You Like."   


    Chicken Patty (Today's Lunch)

    Presten Carr leads the Patty Patrol on a celebration of Chicken Patty Day, here is your menu over Cardi B's Bodack Yellow. 


    Mock Chicken is Up

    Senior Luke Stoerger, using the Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" to commemorate the Mock Chicken Leg, here is "Mock Chicken is Up."


    Lunch Gassed Up

    Te'Sean Jones and Sean Baker, The Lunch Boyz, hit us with their jam about Teriyaki Chicken, to the tune of Nebu Kiniza's Gassed Up. 


    I Want Food (Philly Cheesesteak)

    Preston Carr and Jack Eisenman with thier Philly Cheese Steak rendition of the Beatles "I Want You (She's So Heavy) 


    Mustard Yellow

    Kellen Sharp at it again with dipping sides to the Chicken Tender Lunch. 


    Mini Corn-dog

    Senior Kellen Sharp shouts out Mini Corndogs and his favorite side - Garbanzo Beans


    Mock Chicken Leg

    Mr. Jones honors Mock Chicken Leg in this song 


    The Chicken Patty. Students, Teachers, Alumni of Milwaukee Public Schools have long spoken about this lunch. It was, and still is, an event. Students lining up for their sandwiches, teachers queuing up with them.

    Mr. Onorato, one of the Radio Reagan Advisers, always looked forward to this lunch. His love for this simple patty, bread, and mayo sandwich has been know for sometime in the halls of Reagan IB. But this year he took it farther then anyone had thought... or asked for...

       CPD Songs
    Instpired by Danny Elfman's music from Tim Burton's Holloween Masterpiece "A Nightmare Before Christmas."  Happy October. 

    Welcome Patty

    Instpired by the Disney Movie, Moana, Mr. O makes way for the second CPD of the year, and throws a little shade at the second most popular school lunch.  
    Mr. O sings about the first Chicken Patty song of the year, feturing a former student, parodying Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee (ft. Justin Bieber)

    ChickHamPatty Day  -

    Third Friday is an important day for all school districts, to make it an atmosphere of fun MPS changed the menu to make it the first Chicken Patty day of the year, Mr. O pays homage to the musical Hamilton.

    The Little Chicken Boy -

    For the Holiday Season, Mr O. draws inspiration from the David Bowie and Bing Crosby duet of Little Drummer Boy. 

    Addams Patty Day -

    This song celebrates and promoted the Reagan Musical - The Addams Family.  

    LeChicken Patty -

    In the musical "Le Miserables" the people call for the thing they hunger for, freedom. In this version, the students and teacher sing for something else.  

    The Chicken Connection -

    Spring Spirit Week brought us "Impersonation Day." Mr. O saw the "connection" and provided his interpretation of an old favorite in the voice of one of his favorite amphibian characters.   

    Lunch That I Want  - 

    The final Chicken Patty Day of the School Year evokes the last day of school at Rydell High School in the Musical "Grease." With the help of Mrs. Wylie we say goodbye to the "Lunch that I want."