• Please feel free to contact our IB team members with any questions about the program. We urge you to call before visiting to ensure a staff member is available to assist you.

    For questions concerning any IB Programme, you may contact:  

    IB Programmes Coordinator

    Mr. David Walker

    walkerd5@milwaukee.k12.wi.us, 414-304-6108

    MYP Personal Project Coordinators:

    Mrs. Abby Felten

    croftal@milwaukee.k12.wi.us, 414-304-6148

    Mr. Andrew Moriarity

    moriarar@milwaukee.k12.wi.us, 414-304-6285

    CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Supervisor & IB Full Diploma Counselor:

    Mrs. Sarah Dubey

    dubeysj@milwaukee.k12.wi.us, 414-304-6140

    Service Learning Supervisor & IB Career-related Programme Counselor:

    Mr. Kon Knueppel

    knueppkx@milwaukee.k12.wi.us, 414-304-6164

    Extended Essay (EE) Coordinator and TOK Instructor:

    Mr. Kurt Dillman

    dillmakt@milwaukee.k12.wi.us, 414-304-6176