• Maintaining a safe learning environment is essential for student success. Please review the MPS District Discipline Policies here: http://www.milwaukee.k12.wi.us.


    Reagan IB Detention Policy

    Students make a series of endless choices throughout the course of a school day. When a student makes an inappropriate choice or engages in unacceptable actions, a teacher may assign a detention or refer the student to an administrator for disciplinary action.

    A student has two weeks to serve any detention. It must be served with the teacher who assigned it.  Detentions begin at 2:45 unless another time is specified by the teacher. 

    Any unserved detention results in a referral to an administrator. At this conference the student, teacher and administrator agree upon a date to serve the detention. If the student fails to serve the detention, a one day suspension will be issued for failure to follow school policy. The parent is then required to meet with an administrator to reinstate the student.   

    Please note that participation and attendance in extra-curricular activities can be denied for students who have unserved detentions.