• Reagan High School has opted-out of the MPS uniform policy so students can make individual clothing choices. Student clothing should be respectful, non-offensive and follow basic dress code rules outlined below.  


    Students who wear inappropriate clothing are sent to an administrator. Parents may be contacted for alternative clothing or the administrator may provide clothing from a school clothing bin, if available. Other disciplinary actions may occur if inappropriate attire is a habitual offense. Our basic dress code rules are:

    • No student is permitted into classrooms wearing clothing that reveals the midriff, belly button or under garments. 
    • Skirt/shorts must be the same length or longer than the length of the fingertips when arms are extended downward at your side.
    • Tank tops/spaghetti straps are not allowed. 
    • Mesh shirts must have solid clothing underneath.
    • Pants may not be sagging below the hips or display undergarments.
    • Clothing with inappropriate slogans, references to drugs, alcohol, profanity, sexual content, or gang-related apparel is not allowed.
    • Pajamas or stuffed animals may not be brought into or worn at school.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times as per state law. 
    • Jackets may not be worn during the school day.  Wear a sweater or sweatshirt for added warmth when necessary.
    • All head wear is to be removed upon entry and stored in the student’s locker. (Headwear can only be worn to comply with official religious practices.)
    • Any clothing items confiscated by staff will be held until the end of the school day.  Multiple confiscation of an item may require a parent to retrieve the items. 

    Students should never bring valuable items or large amounts of money to school.  We are not be responsible for the theft of money or valuables.  Leave what you truly treasure at home.