• We understand the need to speak with a teen when an unanticipated event occurs that impacts school activities or pick-up plans. Life is full of surprises. Please call the Main Office when you need to speak to your teen on important issues. Main Office: 414/304-6100

    If a student calls outsiders to the school to participate in harassing or fighting another student, parent or staff member, the student can be expelled and the outsiders will be prosecuted. School personnel are not responsible for lost or stolen property.  Students should check the Lost & Found often for missing electronic equipment.



    Headphones are sometimes required as part of educational activities at our campus. Each instructor has individual procedures regarding the use of headphones in their classroom. Student must adhere to their rules. For safety reasons, headphones should be put away during passing times between classes, in the cafeteria, restrooms, and hallways so students can hear safety directives. 

    A student who refuses to put headphones away or detach from an electronic device, will have the headphones confiscated and returned at the end of the day for the first infraction. Additional issues will require a parent/guardian to visit our campus to pick up confiscated items. It is always best policy for a student to turn in headphones/electronics to a staff member without conflict. Administration is extremely likely to return the device on the day of the offense when a student exhibits proper cooperative behavior.