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    Big congrats to Julia Brunson and Ms. Holtgreive for being selected to represent Wisconsin in the National History Day organization’s 5th annual Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Albert Small Student and Teacher Institute!    
    Full Article  National History Day is a non-profit educational organization that was established in 1974 to offer academic programs to middle and high school students through original research work on various historical topics of interest.  For more information, please visit www.nhd.org

    13 January 2015 - Creative writer Juliana Gessner, a freshman at Reagan IB High School, has been selected as the overall First Place winner for the highly popular online The Sky’s The Limit Writing Contest. 
    The names of this year’s winners were recently posted for the competition hosted by www.skyauthors.com which “encourages young writers to explore the world of writing and gain a love of literacy.” The contest supports their efforts to promote the work of our next generation of writers. Students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to submit the first 250 words of a short story based upon any genre. Essays are then judged on three criterion: style, voice and creativity. One winner is selected for each grade level and a First Place winner for all submissions. As the First Place winner, Juliana Gessner will receive two Kindle Fires HDX, one for herself and the other for her nominated teacher and mentor, Stephanie Weinfurter (Reagan HS English instructor). Juliana now has the option of completing the short story submission to have SkyAuthors’ professional writers assist in getting her work published.   


    Milwaukee Common Council recognizing and thanking Joseph Brown for an act of bravery on September 17, 2014
    September 2014: 
    Congrats to Reagan IB's own Alethia Tilford, she introduced the state superintendent at Wisconsin State of Education Address. http://www5.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/dept/superintendent/2014/09/mps-student-to-introduce-state-superintendent-at-wisconsin-state-of-education-address/ 

    September 2014
    – During these hot September days,
    Mike administrators and teachers at Reagan IB High School are jumping at the chance to participate in the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge.
    This very popular challenge has swept across the nation, drawing both attention and donations to find a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” It has been noted that every 90 minutes, a person dies from ALS; and every 90 minutes, a person is diagnosed with the terminal illness.
    will For more information about the disease and challenge, please visit: 
    Over the course of a few days, multiple staff members of Reagan IB High School have volunteered to be doused in a bucketful of ice water. It is a bracing moment that results in student cheers and applause as teachers bring home the meaning of community involvement and volunteerism. 

    MPS alumni and Reagan IB graduate Luis Hernandez
    is turning heads in both the business and art worlds with his new LEGO design of Milwaukee’s sculpture, the Burke Brise Soleil, locally known as “The Calatrava.”


    art_m The LEGO Corporation sponsors an idea page where individuals can submit projects for corporate consideration. If a design project collects 10,000 votes from the public, it goes before the LEGO Review Board and may become a new LEGO set. Creators of winning designs are featured in set materials, receive royalties and global recognition. Plus, they have a great deal of fun! Luis Hernandez created his LEGO version of the 90 foot Burke Brise Soleil/Calatrava while attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and working as a supervisor at a LEGO store. A 2012 Reagan HS graduate, his MIAD college major is Industrial Design.


    The Burke Brise Soleil is a stunning creation of master architect and sculptor Santiago Calatrava. This Milwaukee Art Museum sculpture is his first project in the United States and features flowing, stylized wings that open and close daily. It reflects the beauty of the surrounding Milwaukee lakefront at its location on top of the expansive Milwaukee Art Museum’s Windhover Hall, 700 N. Art Museum Drive. Luis Hernandez’ creation (pictured above) has been featured within the MIAD website, Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and Today’s TMJ4.


    August 18, 2014 – Reagan IB senior Alethia Tilford has just been elected the 2014 Badger Girls WI State Superintendent of Public Instruction. In this capacity, she will travel to the State Capitol to participate in the annual State of Education Address and in honorary ceremonies to recognize Teachers of the Year and Friends of Education.  



    Alethia Alethia Tilford will serve for one year as the counterpart to Dr. Tony Evers, the real Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  She was elected for this role through the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State program. Since 1941, this non-profit program has trained future stateswomen in the science of government.  Each year, young women are selected to participate in the prestigious program which is hosted during the summer at the UW-Oshkosh campus.  Seven young women are then chosen to serve as the counterparts to various state government officials, including the Wisconsin State Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, Treasurer, Secretary of State, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction.     

    Congratulations to Reagan IB's Spanish and International Baccalaureate Teacher Sarah Berndt, for being awarded the prestigious Milken Award.

    Journal Sentinel Article

    May 21, 2012 – The Washington Post

    has announced America’s most challenging high schools. There were 1,900 public high schools ranked in this annual nationwide analysis. Ronald W. Reagan College Preparatory High School placed third in the State of Wisconsin. http://apps.washingtonpost.com/local/highschoolchallenge/schools/2012/list/wisconsin-schools

    This is a page dedicated to the wonderful things that occur at Ronald Reagan High School.

    "Today, I had the pleasure of working with 50 of your students who came with Eli Kelley and Alan Sonnentag to volunteer for our middle school bowling tournament for over 150 students with disabilities.  They were WONDERFUL!  Their enthusiasm was contagious and their patience, excitement, and hard work were admirable.  Your students worked with our athletes in a way that many adults would have had difficulty with. I am a graduate of MPS and was really proud of the positive way that your students represented themselves, Reagan, and MPS! We look forward to future opportunities to partner with your students, they were fabulous!"  Annie McGinnity

    "When we arrived at the college fair today a representative stepped on the bus to give instructions to our students.  About half way through his talk he stopped abruptly and said, “Every single one of you is looking me in the eye.  I’m so impressed by that.  I can see you’re a good group from a good school.”  After the students entered the building he reiterated to me how great the students were.  He deduced that in less than 2 minutes." Kon Knueppel

    "In preparation for our upcoming IB internal assessments in IB Literature and Performance, students investigate, analyze, prepare to transform, and then perform a scene from Athol Fugard's "MASTER HAROLD...and the boys". This is just practice for their real-deal internal assessment(s).
     Like many students, JL was not looking forward to performance day. She signed up last on our first day of performances and avoided hallway rehearsal time. But then it was her turn. She quickly covered her analysis expectations for her scene. And then her attitude changed. She cracked a slight smile and gave a brief nod. In unison, almost every student in class started snapping their fingers to a rehearsed beat. Chills went up my back. Toothy grins graced each student face. And then J began singing. She had chosen the very end of the play, as two main characters leave a restaurant in South Africa as a jukebox plays:
    "Johnny won your marbles,
    Tell you what we'll do;
    Dad will get you new ones right away;
    Better go to sleep now,
    Little man you've had a busy day."
    The class erupted at the song's end. I was so amazed. I pulled J in the hallway and told her how proud I was of her. She hinted that she wanted to surprise me with her performance. Quickly thereafter, I had to share with a colleague - Jane Stone. And what did I find out?  Jane had taken time in her ELO to converse, research, and practice with J and her song. She encouraged J to go for it, and she so clearly did.
     No matter the time, it's all about the students and their success at Reagan."  Steve Glaeser
    "a simple illustration of the character of our students....."
    To reinforce the concept of asking and answering "How many are there....?" in Spanish, I filled a glass container with Hershey kisses and the students had to guess and respond to ¿Cuántos dulces hay?. The student with the closest guess got to keep the candy.
    Yesenia Corona won, and I told her that I'd give her the candy at the end of class so that it wouldn't be a distraction and she could just take it with her. Her response was, "Can't I share them with the rest of the class?"   The right kid won."  -Julie Clark
    "I have a professional pianist coming in to work with the choir this week.  Today after rehearsal, he told me how impressed he was with the students.  He was blown away by their positive attitudes, willingness to take risks and their reflective comments about the music they are working on.  He said that he had certain assumptions about what urban students are like and that our students completely changed his outlook! "  Erica Breitbarth, Choir Director 
    "While cleaning up in the cafeteria after sophomore lunch, two students were assisting the cleanup process due to leaving a messy table.  As they were pushing in chairs, a frantic female student cam running into the cafeteria.  She was very concerned that her agenda and notebook were taken and she would not be prepared for her next class.  One of the cleanup crew stopped pushing in chairs, walked over and showed the both of us her agenda and notebook which was hidden under the cafeteria chairs. Despite being on "punishment" the student was genuinely concerned in helping another.  Sounds positively Reagan to me!"  Will Luedtke,
    "After my first “week” here at Reagan I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for being so helpful and inviting. I was also asked to share a story with you from my first week. During volleyball practice a student athlete came up to me and handed me $20 that she had found in the locker room. She then stated that she was worried that whoever had lost that money may need it to get home and that I should immediately find its rightful owner. Having worked at a different MPS school for the past three years, I can honestly say that this would have never happened there. I feel that this story truly summarizes many of my experiences during my first “week” with the students. The positive culture that the Reagan community has created over the past few years is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I can honestly say that it is my honor to become a part of this staff and culture." Kelly Goggins,

    Physical Education Teacher