• Reagan IB High School

    Graduation Requirements

    Graduation requires a minimum of 22 Credits to receive a Reagan Diploma.

    16 Credits are required as follows:


    4 Credits English

    3 Credits Mathematics

    3 Credits Science

    3 Credits Social Studies as follows:

    1 Unit of Citizenship

    1 Unit of U.S. History

    1 Unit of Global/World History

    1.5 Credits Physical Education

    0.5 Credits Health

    1 Credit Fine Arts (Art, Music)

    Pass the State Civics Test

    The remaining 6 required credits may be taken in other Electives

    In addition to earning 22 units, students must successfully participate in one of the following three options:

          Take an approved Online Learning Course (required or elective).

          Complete 20 hours of Community Service approved by a school advisor.

          Take a course (required or elective) that includes a Service-Learning experience.


    Credits needed to be promoted to each grade level:

    10th Grade – 5 Credits

    11th Grade – 10 Credits

    12th Grade – 16 Credits


    IMPORTANT NOTE: These are the minimum requirements for graduation.  Colleges expect students to keep a rigorous course load during all 4 years of high school. Foreign Language is an essential component to any college application.