• Reproduce the following Color Packet. 
    • A color packet was given to you in class.
    • The paper was given to you in class. The size 12 x 18
    • Use color pencils.
    • Reproduce the packet to the best of your ability.
    • Follow the instruction under each shape.
        • If the instruction asks for specific colors you must use those colors.
        • If the instruction does not ask for specific colors you can choose the colors you use.
        • Some of the instructions asks for a specific color that you must use and allows you to choose your own colors to mix with the specified choice.
        • If there are no instructions under the shape it means that shape is a choice shape and you can do any kind of pattern or color combination.
    • You may use the example below but the instructions under each shape may be a bit fuzzy... it works in a pinch.
    • Make sure that the way you color in the shapes follows the rules of how light travel... this is much like a color version of what you had to do in the DWB with blending the shapes, only in color.




    ·        Color, Hue, Value, Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Intermediate/Tertiary Colors Complimentary Colors, Warm Colors, Cool Colors, Tint, Tone, Shade


    Learning Targets:

    ·        Demonstrate an understanding of design elements, such as shape, color, and texture

    ·        Demonstrate craftsmanship and knowledge of materials