• Parenting a teen is a daunting task. The combined pressures of high school and puberty can be simply overwhelming for most teens. How can parents help them cope with stress and succeed in school? Here are some steps we can all take to help teens sail successfully through high school.


    Make Attendance a Priority

    There is an undeniable link between high school graduation and student attendance.  Students with good attendance have higher grades, more fun, and stronger test scores. Stress increases dramatically when students do not attend regularly. It is all too easy for teens to simply give up once they fall behind their classmates due to chronic absence. Since attendance is a key factor in predicting success, it must be an important issue at home. Whenever possible, schedule appointments for after school or during school breaks. Simply push your teen out the door each morning and make attendance a rule.


    Communicate With the School

    When you develop a regular relationship with the school staff, you build a bridge to your teen. You can connect with faculty via email, telephone or with personal visits. The easiest way to support your teen is to attend parent-teacher conferences, art shows, concerts, and any other programs open to students and parents. Take ten minutes to read the monthly school newsletter. Join other parents at School Governance Council to keep on top of school events. Volunteer in any way you possibly can – large or small, it matters. It’s a proven fact that the more you are involved in their school life, the stronger their chances for success.


    High but Realistic Expectations

    No one knows better than you what your teen is capable of achieving. Let them know that you expect them to achieve certain standards, and they will. You know their strengths and talents, so you can easily encourage them to believe in themselves and to reach their fullest potential. Also, you can inform our school staff when they need extra help so we can all work together toward success.


    Keep Them Healthy

    Do you want to know who succeeds in school? It’s invariably the students who come in well rested, well fed and well loved. Teens that are well nourished in every respect have the foundation for success. Let’s make sure they can overcome hurdles and face surprising challenges by filling their bellies with healthy food and their hearts with healthy emotions. Finally, feel free to contact the school’s psychologist or social worker whenever you perceive problems that faculty should be aware of.